Rangel Renewables provides services related to Wind Energy, O&M, T&D, and Solar Energy. Our project consultants can assist in working with you or your team to determine cost analysis and earning potentials. Contact Rangel Renewables to assess your project needs.


Rangel Renewables is the premier turnkey energy company in the United States. As subject matter experts in our field, we can offer full project life cycle services from preconstruction planning to commissioning the turbines.


Rangel Renewables can assist with new construction erection, repower, operation & maintenance and large correctives. Our goal is to improve the return on investment and reduce costs by tailoring our solutions to each client and customer. 


Safety, quality and production are our mainstays and we stand behind providing clean energy.

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Once a site has been turned over fully functional Rangel Renewables can provide seasoned operation and maintenance technicians to maintain them. 


Whether large or small the infrastructure is crucial, we implement best practices to make sure all facilities are functioning at the highest level possible. 


Rangel Renewables understands that the O&M piece is an important element of sustainability and want to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of all our sites.

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Rangel Renewables can provide seasoned individuals to connect electric power transmission from a power source such as a wind or solar site to an electrical substation. 


Whether operating at high or lower voltages we want to implement smart grid strategies to reduce energy loss. In the design and engineering phases we work closely with developers to make sure the T&D, substations, automation and power flow control are strategically aligned. 


Rangel Renewables aims to provide the best in technical and project support.

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Rangel Renewables provides residential and commercial installs for the great state of Texas. As an approved vendor to one of the largest utilities in the state we can provide solar rebates to qualified customers. 


Rangel Renewables has partnered with local manufacturers and distributors to help reduce lead times. Rangel Renewables strives to deliver quality customer services to individuals inquiring about solar and offer optimal solutions for maximizing their solar panels. 


Rangel Renewables strives for excellence as what the epitome of a renewables company should be.